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Hi, my name is Stirling Gravitas, the charismatic face of urine leakage. Control is more than just using the right product, there are also lifestyle choices that can help you deal with urine leakage. Here are a few things I’ve learned on my travels.

Sage advice from yours truly, Stirling Gravitas

Stirling Gravitas ordering a cup of coffee at a bar.

Cut down on coffee

When visiting Fudan, I was served a perfect cup of coffee. Small. Coffee is a diuretic, and drinking too much won’t help you get in control. So, cut down on the amount and how many cups you drink.
Stirling Gravitas looking uninterested in a beer.

Drink alcohol, in moderation

I don’t mind a drink after a long day playing tennis and writing autographs, but one is enough. Drinking in moderation is plain good sense and it also helps me stay in control.
Stirling Gravitas wearing a japanese gi for martial arts.

Exercise daily

I lift when I am not running a marathon or playing polo. Why? Because control. Exercising regularly can help reduce leaks. And don’t forget to clench. Just think of it as flexing your . Here’s a video where you can learn more.
One in four men.

Talk about it!

Do you know what I found out on my journey? One in five people on the planet is Chinese. I also found out that one in four men experiences urine leakage. That’s a lot of men out there who need control, and the best way to help them, is to talk to them so that they too can stop using inferior products.
Stirling Gravitas playing cards.

Choose the brand trusted by millions of men

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