What triggers little leaks?

Certain situations like laughing, sneezing and lifting are more likely than others to trigger little leaks. Oooops moments can be a shock at first, which isn’t surprising as no one ever tells you about them.  
If it happens to you, it’s important to know that the leaks don’t have to affect your lifestyle choices. By using the right protection for little leaks, you can keep doing what you feel like doing – Oooops moment or not. With lights by TENA your little leaks don’t have to be a big deal.

Pre and post menstruation

Most people have heard about pre-menstrual syndrome – or PMS – and it’s relatively easy to find information about this. A topic that is less discussed is how a period and everything around it affects the bladder. But the fact is that it does. Having a menstrual cycle means that you also have sort of a bladder cycle. See, right after you ovulate, there’s an increase of muscle relaxing hormone in your body. That means that it’s harder to hold back the little leaks around one week prior to the monthly period. By using lights by TENA during these times, these Oooops moments don’t have to limit you in any way. The liners and ultra-towels in our range are so effective at locking away little leaks that you won’t even notice them. 

It can be a laughing matter

Are little leaks keeping you from turning that frown upside down? Laughing should be all about good feelings, but since the contraction of your stomach muscles during a jolly good laugh puts pressure on your bladder and pelvic floor, it can also lead to an Oooops moment. The same goes for sneezing and coughing. These situations are more likely than others to trigger little leaks. However, by using lights by TENA products, these leaks don’t have to be a big deal. 

As if working out isn’t work enough?

Many people experiencing little leaks find them extra likely to occur during workout. And however unfair that seems – I mean, it’s not a very nice way of the body rewarding you for looking after it – it’s just a simple fact: working out is one of those typical Oooops moments. This is due to the additional pressure on the  sensitive bladder, caused by running, jumping, or heavy lifting. Luckily, by using the right product you can keep concentrating on the workout and forget all about any bladder leaks during exercise. Any moisture that does leak out will be quickly absorbed by the FeelFreshTM Technology in the lights by TENA liners and ultra-towels.