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We cant' be perfect. But we can be better.

We choose to care because even small steps can make a difference. Every day we strive to make change happen because we know that collectively, those steps add up. We still have a long way to go, but that just motivates us to work even harder. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made across the entire life cycle of our products, but we’re not done yet. Not in the slightest.

Every step matters

Here at TENA, we spend each day looking for new and better ways to care – for people, and for the planet. Our mission with the TENA Protects Program ​is to make better choices,​​ acknowledging what we leave behind matters, and recognizing that every action we take today can contribute to a healthier planet tomorrow.​

Packages of TENA products

Carbon footprint: what it is, and TENA's Progress

Explore the strides TENA has made since 2008 in reducing the carbon footprint of our products. See some of our key product advancements and take a closer look at how carbon footprint works and why it matters.

Illustration of the 5 stages in a product’s lifecycle: raw materials, manufacturing, transports, usage, and after-use management

End-to-end improvements

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a globally recognised method of measuring the impact of our products in every stage of their life cycle. Discover what goes into making your product, and how we’re able to improve its carbon footprint in each stage thanks to LCAs.