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How do I find the right incontinence product?

Simply choose the product type that works for your lifestyle, and find an absorbency level that keeps you dry and protected.

Choosing the right product

Don’t use a wad of tissue to soak up drips and dribbles. Our discreet, secure products are designed for men, with a secure absorption zone offering triple protection from leaks, odour, and moisture. Here are the main product types.

Choosing the right absorbency level

The absorbency level you need depends on how much urine you lose when you experience involuntary leakage1. Here’s a quick, easy guide. 

Icon illustrating one drop out of eight

Do small drips and dribbles make your underwear damp?

Choose extra light absorbency
Icon illustrating four drops out of eight

Do you experience light or medium leaks, day or night?

Choose a moderate absorbency
Icon illustrating six drops out of eight

Do you experience heavy leaks or large urine surges?

Choose a heavier absorbency

How to wear incontinence pads

If you’ve never seen an incontinence pad before, it can be tricky to know how to use them. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. 
  1. Unwrap the product and remove the paper backing. 
  2. Holding the wider end upwards, stick the adhesive strip down and secure in your underwear. 
That’s it! These products fit most securely in tight-fitting underwear. Dispose of the used product in the bin – do not flush down the toilet. 
  1. Please see your doctor for medical advice on causes of and how to manage them.